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Five steps for B2B tech firms to boost LinkedIn ads

Posted 14th May 2021
Google Core Update


A great social media platform for B2B tech firms!

LinkedIn Ads are a fantastic way to engage with your audience. LinkedIn has over 6m IT decision-makers now using LinkedIn and they are experiencing record levels of engagement during the pandemic. 

Here are 5 easy ways to ensure your LinkedIn ads get the attention they deserve!

LinkedIn Ads: call out the target audience

According to LinkedIn, highlighting who your target audience is – for example by beginning the post “B2B tech marketers” – can lead to a 19% higher clickthrough rate (CTR) and 53% higher conversion rate (CVR). 

LinkedIn recommends optimising your creative content by engaging in an experimentation process involving four distinct versions over a minimum period of two weeks. Crucially, it is recommended to alter only one variable at a time.

This meticulous approach enables a nuanced evaluation of the performance of each creative iteration.

LinkedIn Ads: Use a stat

When LinkedIn tested an ad with a statistic and one without, the results revealed a substantial difference in performance. The advertisement containing the statistic exhibits a remarkable 37% higher clickthrough rate and an impressive 162% increase in impressions.

use a quote.

In an insightful experiment, LinkedIn ran 2 ads, the one with a quote delivered a 30% lift in CTR versus the same image with a stat.

Picture a person, not an object.

In LinkedIn tests, a photo of a person turned out to be a game-changer. The CTR shot up by an impressive 160%, and the CVR skyrocketed by 289%. So, having a face in the mix seems to make a real difference, boosting how many people click and convert.

Be mobile-friendly.

It is well known that images boost engagement, but ensure they work on a small screen. A whopping 80% of clicks on sponsored content are coming from mobile devices.

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