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Content Marketing FAQs

About Kick-Ass Content Marketing

Uncover deeper insights into The Essential Agency’s Kick-Ass Content Marketing with our Content FAQs.

So, what is Kick-Ass Content?

Kick-Ass Content is content created by us that follows our Kick-Ass Content Methodology. It aligns with the key issues your audience wants to read about. It’s written engagingly by real people who understand your technology and market. It’s optimised for SEO so it can be found in Google. It comes with scroll-stopping social posts to help you promote it and maximise engagement.

Kick-Ass Content is content is high-value content that helps to position you or your business as being true industry thought leaders with your finger on the pulse.

In summary, Kick-Ass Content is current and discusses the issues your audience cares about. It is well written and interesting to read; it’s optimised for SEO and is properly promoted to get it in front of the right readers. Which results in better engagement from your target audience.

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