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Get the most from LinkedIn polls

Posted 30th June 2021
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In the ever-changing world of social media, LinkedIn is thriving. It’s attracting 3 new professional sign-ups every second and to date has 706 million members and 55 million company pages. Your professional network can be a great asset when it comes to gleaning insights or getting a second opinion. One of the easiest ways to access this information is through the use of LinkedIn polls. 

Read on for eight ways to use LinkedIn polls for your business.

Uncover your LinkedIn audience’s top goals

A brilliant tool for marketing teams looking for targeting and promotional ideas. Use a LinkedIn poll almost as a form of testing. Add a poll with 4 clear responses to help you narrow down what your audience needs.

Choose the best content type for your target audience

Video, ebook, traditional image posts – if you’re wondering whether to spend time and money on new forms of content use a LinkedIn poll to determine your audience’s content preferences and which they find most engaging.

Gather customer feedback

If you’ve recently launched a new product or service or are considering adapting a current one, why not use a poll to gather feedback?
Have you tried our new product/service, [insert name here]?
Which of our [insert product name] features do you use the most?
Have you heard about our new product/service, [insert name here]?
What do you think of our new [insert product name]? Rate it below…

Increase your LinkedIn engagement

By starting a conversation on a topic related to your industry.
Choose a straightforward question and offer 2–3 answers for respondents to choose from. Encourage respondents to expand on their answers in comments.

Gain insight on your industry

What are the main challenges being faced by your industry? How has business been post Covid? All these questions and more can be analysed through the use of a LinkedIn poll and can help drive your business and marketing strategy.

Help decide what language to use?

If you struggling to identify whether your audience understands your marketing message, then test it through a LinkedIn poll. Describe a new product or process in 3 ways and find out which your audience most identifies with.

Is your industry going through changes post Covid? Identify the key pain points and challenges through a LinkedIn poll using phrases such as ‘are you making use of?’, ‘have you seen an increase in?’. Again, this is a great one to encourage comment, debate and engagement.

Identify the demographics of your LinkedIn audience

Want to know more about the people who are following you? Ask them their industry, job title, age, location. Questions that are subtle in their tone are more likely to get a response.

How to Set Up a LinkedIn Poll

  • You can create LinkedIn polls just about anywhere on the LinkedIn platform, including your professional profile, company page, showcase page, group, and even inside an event. Remember the results are public when the poll is active.
  • In the Create a Post window, click the + icon and select the Create a Poll option.
  • Next, type in your question and add up to four poll response options. Remember that LinkedIn only allows participants to select a single response to a poll rather than multiple.
  • Select a time limit for poll responses—from 1 day up to 2 weeks from the poll duration drop-down menu.
  • Write the copy for the rest of your post.
  • Remember to add some relevant hashtags to encourage entries from outside your LinkedIn audience.
  • Analyse your results.
  • Respond to any comments.
  • Consider posting a ‘thank you’ post, including a summary of results if relevant.

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