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About Us

Essential has been working on Kick-Ass marketing campaigns for clients in the technology channel since 2002

Our Vision, Mission & Purpose

Drawing from years of client-side experience, Founder & CEO, Sam Rudland wanted to establish an agency that really understood its clients and their markets. She envisioned an agency that works hand in hand with clients. Helping them achieve their business goals through the creation of  Kick-Ass campaigns that deliver Kick-Ass results. This vision gave rise to The Essential Agency and our growth has been fuelled by happy clients who get great results from our services.

Our clients include vendors, distributors, resellers, ISVs and disruptive tech start-ups.

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To help create a world where B2B technology companies create effective and engaging content marketing and incentive programmes, that are delivered sustainably.

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To rid the B2B technology sector of poorly performing, and utterly beige content and incentives programmes.

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To help B2B technology companies to grow through kick-ass marketing programmes that respect people and planet.

Sam Rudland,CEO & Founder

Sam Rudland

Founder / CEO

Sam cut her teeth in the tech sector and is in her element working in the channel.

Sam cut her teeth in the rugged mobile computing space working for a vendor that transitioned from a direct to indirect model. She’s in her element working in the channel. 

Sam advises on strategy and planning for clients. 

She is passionate about the benefits of fitness and regularly organises team workouts, often accompanied by her two dogs. 

We ensure she’s kept plied with a regular flow of coffee which fuels her creativity.

Mike Harrison

Mike Harrison

Solutions Director

Mike is our marketing technology specialist and is a guru when it comes to strategy and creative.

Mike is our specialist in marketing technology, digital strategy, SEO and CRM.  

He has spent the last two decades in leading roles in the channel and in agency-side digital marketing positions. Mike helps to drive client strategy and adds creativity to all our campaigns.  

His passion for corgis, fishing and cake fuel his creativity outside of work. 

Marie Hughes

Marie Hughes

Financial Controller

Marie is a chartered accountant with a varied finance background.

Marie controls all of our finances.  

As a chartered accountant her career has taken her from global, listed businesses through to charity roles.  

She works with the team to ensure that we deliver our outstanding client campaigns on budget.  

And when she’s not doing that, she likes to keep up with her fitness and running. 

Ed Anderson Stewart

Ed Anderson-Stewart

Head of Channel & Incentives

Ed’s two decades of experience help him to create kick-ass incentive programmes for you.

As our Head of Channel & Incentives, Ed is a tech marketing pro with two decades of experience. 

Developing his skills across big and small tech companies, he has honed both client and agency understanding. Whether he’s crafting top-notch incentive programmes or driving channel partner engagement, Ed’s your go-to guy.  

And when he’s not working hard for clients, you’ll catch him either smashing it on the tennis court or coaching on the football pitch. 

Patrick Brownlee-Smith

Patrick Brownlee-Smith

Head of Content & PR

Creating your kick-ass marketing content is one of Patrick’s passions.

Our Head of Content & PR has been a tech PR and Marketing specialist for over 20 years.  

He has created leading campaigns and content while both client-side and in multiple agencies. Creating content that reaches and engages its audience – and works for you – is his passion, but he has also been known to obsess over the use of a semi-colon.  

Out of the office, Patrick likes to spend time with his family, but he also likes open-water swimming and talking about the book he has written. 

Nicky Jackson

Nicky Jackson

Senior Account Manager

Working with the leading players in the sector means Nicky has outstanding content and PR experience.

As a content creator and Senior Account Manager, Nicky is both passionate about and talented at tech marketing and PR.  

Her tech channel experience comes from working with and for some of the leading players in the sector over more than 25 years. Nicky’s content and marketing strategy focuses on driving business growth for her clients.  

When not working on client accounts, Nicky can be found ogling gadgets in Stuff magazine. 

Debbie McGowan

Debbie McGowan

Marketing Manager

Debbie manages all of our marketing campaigns and makes our data dance.

Debbie is Essential’s digital marketing expert who’s been perfecting her skills since 2006.  

With a sharp eye for data trends and a talent for making data dance, she’s manages all of Essential’s own marketing and adds her expertise to client campaigns.  

She loves nothing more than getting lost in a book with a cuppa in hand – when parenting duties allow. 


Sarah Chidgey

PR Associate

A PR expert who is driven by securing great client coverage.

PR is in Sarah’s DNA. Her career has seen her run tech campaigns in the UK, Europe and the US, and she has the sector knowledge, media contacts and drive to chase down coverage opportunities and results for clients.  

She loves all country sports, especially horse racing. 

Sam C

Sam Crowe

Associate PR Director

Having worked for some of tech’s largest players, Sam’s an expert in PR and strategy.

Sam’s an award-winning PR consultant and an expert on client strategy. With a history of working for some of the largest players in the tech sector, Sam provides unrivalled support for clients.  

At weekends, Sam loves to be on adventures with her young family in the camper van. 



Head of Security

Like a Sniffer Dog at airport security, only bigger!

Kato is a bit like an airport security person, only sniffier.

He checks out everyone’s bags on arrival and ensures everyone gets a thorough sniff in case they have any dog treats in their pockets.

He also moves his bed to put it in front of the door to stop unwanted visitors from coming in.



Head of Cleaning

Archie ensures our office is always crumb free.

Archie can sniff out even the tinniest of food particles and ensures our office is always crumb free.

His work is quite exhausting so he takes regular naps and is often heard snoring on calls with clients.

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