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In this Staylinked Case study, we discuss we discuss the challenges and the results that Essential helped them achieve.

Essential was approached by StayLinked to help launch their Evolve platform. Given the intricate nature of Evolve and its profound potential to overcome complex technology-adoption hurdles, the astute StayLinked team understood the imperative of enlisting the expertise of a highly focused group comprising PR and communications professionals. Recognizing the pivotal role that effective collaboration would play, they were driven by a collective determination to orchestrate a resoundingly triumphant launch, thereby unlocking the boundless possibilities inherent in Evolve’s capabilities.

We discussed the challenges of this project and the results that Essential helped achieve with Randy Provence, Digital Marketing Manager at StayLinked Corporation.

Q1: Essential was approached to help StayLinked launch the Evolve platform. Had this project been in the planning for a long time and what were the main challenges that you wanted the Essential team to help you overcome?

We had been developing the underlying technologies of Evolve for quite some time. As the pieces came together, it became clear that Evolve was going to be in a unique position to solve profound technology-adoption issues for our industry. We knew that launching a product of that magnitude would require a focused approach working with experienced people. Essential helped us overcome our lack of human resources with a dedicated team of multi-disciplined experts. 

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Q2: How well did you feel the Essential team understood the brief?

Essential instantly understood what we were trying to accomplish at StayLinked. Their comprehension of industry-specific issues was critical to forming our partnership.

Q3: What solutions did the Essential team present to you?

Essential enabled us first and foremost to create a messaging strategy that formed the bedrock of our marketing efforts. Once defined, we were able to work with Essential on sharpening our web presence to reflect the new messaging for Evolve.

Essential also helped us to create and execute successful PR campaigns for the product launch. This included numerous well-placed announcements in relevant industry publications. We were then able to leverage the press in social media campaigns, which had an immediate impact on our visibility within the industry. We continue to follow the plan that Essential put in motion and are currently executing our thought leadership campaign.

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Q4: From Essential’s work with you on your messaging, media training, press launch, website and social media. What results did you see?

The impact was immediate.

  • Our site traffic doubled.
  • Our reseller partners have been thrilled to have a product that extends their relevance, and they continue to be receptive to the messaging.
  • Hardware vendors are eager to highlight their integration with Evolve
  • We have received a wealth of interest from new vendors wanting to know how they can be a part of the Evolve platform.
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Q5: How was your experience working with the Essential team?

Working with everyone at Essential has been an absolute pleasure. It is rare to find a dedicated team of experts in our industry that truly understand what it takes to launch a product, develop interest, and maintain momentum.  

Q6: From the services provided, what delivered the most value to StayLinked?

All of them. The tightly integrated approach that Essential designed and executed has touched all aspects of our marketing efforts. Including brand awareness, in-bound optimisation, thought leadership campaigns, and beyond.

had an immediate impact on our visibility within the industry. We continue to follow the plan that Essential put in motion and are currently executing our thought leadership campaign.

Q7: Would you recommend Essential to other companies facing similar challenges?

StayLinked would highly recommend Essential for companies facing the challenges we faced in launching our Evolve platform. Put simply, we would not have been able to fulfil our marketing goals without them.


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“The professionalism, creativity, and fast response time of The Essential Agency have made them our trusted digital marketing partner for the past six years. Their deep understanding of our company and solutions has been instrumental in their invaluable contributions to our marketing projects. The Essential Agency truly stands out as a top-notch agency that consistently exceeds our expectations.”

Sharon Levin | Customer Advocacy Marketing Manager

“The Essential Agency has created consistently great content for us. It is always exceptionally well written, skilfully tells our story, engages our key audience and, most importantly, get us results.”

Sitara Duggal | Marketing Manager
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“The Essential Agency is my go-to team of experts. Thanks to them we have an established and increased presence in our industry. Essential’s focus on creating the best content for us has seen our reach and influence grow massively. Their proactive approach to all of our marketing, confirms that they are the ideal partners for us.”

Randy Provence | Digital Marketing Manager

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