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It’s Time to Put a Stop to Beige Tech Marketing

Posted 11th January 2024


B2B Tech Marketing Has a Problem

You’ve probably seen it. I know we have. Content that looks just like everyone else’s, so much so that it unwittingly becomes camouflaged, and you stop seeing it at all. Then there are channel sales incentives that are so dull and uninspiring they’ll never get a salesperson fired up to take action.

We all know that marketing can be quickly and easily criticised, sometimes very fairly, for having no impact (in short, for being beige). So, let’s work together to change that. Let’s commit to being better and commit to helping our colleagues, peers, and the wider industry to also be better.

Let’s agree to do all we can to eliminate beige.

Solving the Problem

So, where do we start?

For our team, data informs everything we do – from developing a marketing strategy to measuring impact and ROI. We believe that data should help us to define the problem and set a benchmark for what good looks like.

So, data is the first step.

You’re Part of the Solution

To the best of our knowledge, there is no benchmarking report for b2b tech content marketing or channel incentives, so we’ve decided to create some. We want everyone in the industry to be able to see how they stack up against their peers and to see whether they are ahead of, or behind, the beige curve.

To pull together this kind of research we need the support of like-minded people working in b2b tech. If you want to benchmark your programmes and help to drive change across the sector, and you have responsibility for any of the below, then please complete our survey:

  • Content marketing (vendors, distributors, ISVs, SIs and resellers)
  • Channel marketing (vendors and ISVs)
  • Channel sales (vendors and ISVs)
  • Channel or end-user sales (resellers, SIs and distributors)

What’s in it For You?

Firstly, you’ll get a copy of the benchmarking report for b2b tech. It will be packed with useful data to help you assess how you stand and how the rest of the market is performing. The report will help you identify ways to reduce the likelihood that your content or your channel incentive becomes beige. It will help you to ensure your programmes remain relevant and impactful!

Secondly, as a big thank you for taking part in our research, we’ll enter you into our prize draw for your chance to win a place on a ski trip with us to France in April 2024. It will be 100% beige-free!  

Increase the Richness of the Research: Recruit Participants!

You’ll have colleagues, associates, and friends in similar roles at other tech companies who will also want to benchmark their programmes and who care about making our sector better.

Share this with them and ask them to take part. We’re closing the survey on 31st January so share it today!

You’ll help us capture an even greater and richer data set, enhancing the insights you’ll get from our benchmarking report further.

Together we can put a stop to beige tech marketing.

The survey has now concluded, but don’t worry! We’ve replaced it with something even better: two comprehensive reports. These reports are your ticket to unlocking insights that will elevate your content marketing efforts and supercharge your channel incentive programmes. Dive in now and stay ahead of the game!

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