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Content frequency – How often should I publish content?

Posted 9th May 2024
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In 2023, 49% of the tech companies we surveyed as part of our B2B Tech Content Marketing Benchmarking research said they created at least one piece of content per week. Our research found that in 2024 this will rise to 80% of the tech companies surveyed – that is a 63% increase in the volume of content being produced annually!

More content sounds great, especially for an agency that specialises in content creation. But on closer inspection, that may not be the case, as there is a risk that content creators will churn out irrelevant and quite frankly boring content to try to increase content volumes.

If companies posting more content increases the overall volume of ‘utterly beige’ content, then it is not a good thing – with readers being the most negatively affected. This then has a knock-on effect on your brand, diminishes your marketing efforts, and reduces engagement from your audience.

It will make the good content stand out though.

So, is the volume and frequency of content being pushed out important? What is the optimal content publishing frequency?

Is posting once a week enough?

Posting regularly is important – it keeps your audience engaged and it keeps the algorithms working for you. However, quality over quantity is what’s most important.

Your audience will be more engaged if you write something they will want to read. Google will be too. In fact, SEO is now more about the quality of the writing and the relevance of the topic than it has ever been.

There is no definitive answer to how often you should post content – the key is to create a regular cadence, so your audience knows roughly when to expect content from you. It is also worth looking at how often your competitors post, taking in account whether their content is valuable and getting engagement or just churned out to a turned off audience. Remember, quality beats quantity every time. Don’t increase the frequency of your content just because your competitors are producing more than you. They could well be adopting a ‘spray and pray’ approach hoping that by flooding their audience with content some of it will stick. Good content always outperforms bad content, and this provides you with an opportunity to stand out with well thought through pieces that align to the key issues of your audience.

Why is content increasing?

Quite simply, content is increasing because people believe they need to create more content to get seen on social platforms like LinkedIn and found in Search.

Unfortunately, too many marketing departments are focussing on quantity over quality. A lot of this is because they believe that content works, but they don’t know which pieces of their content work or why it works. So, instead of measuring, more content is created in the hope of striking lucky again.

Why is measuring content performance important?

Instead of getting caught in the trap of becoming a content churner, pushing out content piece after content piece, STOP! Take a step back and do your homework. Use tools like Google Analytics to help you identify the pieces of content on your website that are getting the most traffic. Look at the pieces that are driving conversions such as form fills. Then look at those that aren’t performing. Let the data guide you on the sorts of content that resonate best with your audience and aim to do more of that and less of your poorer performing content types.


Good B2B content marketing has evolved to become more customer-centric, data-driven, and diverse in its formats. If you can produce content like that regularly, then you should be set for success.

If you’re not sure whether you can do that, then stop, assess the quality of your content and focus only on creating more of the content that is getting engagement. Your data will tell you whether your audience believes a piece of content is valuable, so use it!

And if you don’t know how to produce content that works, or are unsure how to measure the performance of your existing content, then talk to us.

At The Essential Agency, our Kick-Ass Content methodology is designed to ensure that all of the content we create for our clients is based on the current issues in their market, is expertly written, optimised for SEO, provided with supporting social promotion content and measured. In other words: it’s designed to produce the most successful content possible for you.

If you want to discuss how we could create content like this for you, get in touch.

To understand how your content approach stacks up against others in the tech sector, download our 2024 B2B Tech Content Benchmarking report today!

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