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What are the Benefits of Running a Channel Incentive with us?

Posted 19th January 2023
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How Our Solution Benefits You

At The Essential Agency, we have worked hard to understand the tech channel. As well as the common challenges faced in sales, marketing and enablement. By listening to our client’s challenges, and utilising our combined experience, we can provide a complete end-to-end solution that addresses every element of a channel incentive programme. Running a Channel Incentive has never been so easy!

Contact us to find out how we can transform your next channel incentive. To understand more about how we can benefit your business and contribute to the success of your campaign, read on

In our previous posts, we identified the 12 components of a successful channel sales incentive and also highlighted the differences between our end-to-end solution vs. white-label tools.

Now, what comes next is understanding how our solution, benefits you.

Strategic Guidance

Creating, running, and managing an incentive isn’t easy. Our strategic guidance, planning and preparation elements have been specifically designed by our experienced team. They understand the unique challenges a campaign of this complexity can present.

We recognise that encouraging a sales team to close deals is not the only end game. Often what is required is ‘more’. More leads generated, more demos booked or more salespeople who are enabled to sell better! These are just a few of the elements we believe make good channel incentives. However, you could also include technical certifications, marketing campaign execution, or any other behaviour or activity you want to increase to help drive growth through your channel.

Creating your incentive concept and understanding the wider details necessary to bring efficiency at scale, is something we pride ourselves on. With our knowledge, experience, and proven track record, you can be confident that we have the know-how to plan and run a successful incentive.

This is an invaluable element, which is the difference between meeting today’s targets and exceeding next month!

Incentive Project Management

At The Essential Agency, our project management teams not only run the day-to-day mechanics of the channel sales incentive but focus specifically on its success.

Once the campaign concept has been defined and we are sure that everyone is clear on key messaging and objectives, we start defining the target data. Once complete, we work with your team to warm up the data pool in time for the main event.

In the weeks running up to the incentive, we can even run incentive enablement sessions with partner sales teams to ensure the team has what they need to promote the incentive to their partners. And, because we measure everything, we can see the impact of the extra effort.

In the course of the campaign, we focus on getting participants’ registrations at the start and use a multi-disciplined combination of objective tracking and complex data analysis to ensure the campaign continues on the right path – the path of success!

Upon completion, we provide you with all the information you will need to showcase the ROI of the campaign, as well as identify participants’ success. We will summarise the campaign in a report designed for senior management and even deal with participant queries.


An integral part of our solution is a self-service and bespoke portal that is designed and created specifically for your incentive programme. This portal is where participants can log in to check their own progress. It can be configured to display by partner, by sales rep, and even by region if that is required and we can even include a real-time ROI dashboard to show the value of deals created or closed (or both) since the start of the incentive.

As part of the solution, we design and build your portal, manage the uploading of content, and set up and manage your users and participants. Additionally, we provide detailed reporting and will recommend strategies to optimise the campaign.

The benefits of having your own bespoke portal are:

  • It is designed based on your campaign and objectives.
  • It is a self-service environment for all users and participants to get access to their own progress information (including your own sales team to track their partners’ success).
  • It records the participants’ acceptance of your company’s legal T&Cs for the incentive.
  • Facilitates an approval process (i.e., so management teams can approve or decline deal registrations etc).
  • Can include a leaderboard so participants can see how they rank against other participants.
  • Captures data across all elements of the campaign.
  • Provides real-time ROI.

Data Analysis

We have already highlighted in a previous post the value of data and how an incentive can fail due to data challenges.

But data really is at the centre of a successful campaign. With our solution, we map the data requirements before a channel incentive begins. This ensures we can accurately track progress and measure success against your goals. It also ensures you ask for the right data from your internal data team.

During the campaign, we continually assess the data, give feedback to you on success and highlight any issues that may arise.

Complex data analysis is an expertise that not every business has access to. There is very little point in having the data if you cannot interrogate it to deliver useful insight. Insight-driven decision-making is at the heart of all our channel sales incentive campaigns.

A part of your team

Our dedicated team can be considered an extension of your business. With our experience, expertise, time and tools, we are a fantastic addition to your existing in-house team. We’ll work with you on every element of the incentive from planning and running your channel incentive, right through to completion.

Our team takes on the heavy lifting so you can sit back and reap the rewards!

It works

We hate to blow our own trumpet but running your channel incentive with us truly delivers your objectives and goals. With the right strategy and guidance from us, alongside our project management team and data analysis experts, we can put you on the path to success.

Still not sure? Why not book a 30-minute call with one of our incentive specialists who will review your current strategy and answer any questions you might have?

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